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Local Experience for over 70 years

Free consultation for medical malpractice and personal injury

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Do You Have Questions About Personal Injury?

We know that if you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence, you first need medical attention. And then, you will likely have many questions related to your legal options. Our team at Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., in southwestern Pennsylvania can answer them. We have decades of experience and know personal injury law. Here, we answer some of the more frequently asked questions from clients:

What is a personal injury?

It is a physical or mental injury sustained by a person as the result of a harmful act or someone’s negligence. There are many types of personal injuries, and they can be caused by any type of motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident, products liability or medical malpractice. The injuries may include brain trauma, broken bones, paralysis, disfigurement and birth injuries. A harmful act may be violence- and crime-related such as assault and battery.

What should I do if I receive a personal injury due to the negligence of others?

If you experience pain and discomfort, you should immediately seek medical attention. Go to a clinic, hospital or health care facility for treatment. It’s not a good idea to wait several days or weeks. Not only are your injuries not being treated, but it may also be more difficult to prove that you were hurt in an incident such as a car or work accident. It’s also a good idea to keep a journal and detailed notes about your injuries and medical treatment. Take photographs, too.

Why should I hire a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury case can by complicated, and an attorney has experience negotiating with insurance companies for settlements as well as taking them to court in case litigation is necessary. If seriously injured in a car accident or medical malpractice incident, contact a personal injury attorney who can serve as your guide through the legal system. An experienced lawyer will advocate for you, especially if you have sustained severe injuries and face mounting medical bills and have lost wages due to your inability to work.

When should I contact a personal injury lawyer?

It’s a good idea to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our aggressive and understanding team at Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., in southwestern Pennsylvania will assist you.

What is full tort insurance coverage?

In our state of Pennsylvania, insurance policyholders have a couple of options when seeking car insurance. One of them is “full tort” coverage. Full tort coverage allows the policyholders to file a lawsuit related to all damages, including pain and suffering. It provides solid protection if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, especially when accident-related complications surface weeks or months later.

What is “limited tort” coverage?

Another option for people who seek car insurance, limited tort coverage is different from full tort coverage. While limited tort provides a discount on monthly premiums, it also limits the ability of the policyholder to sue for pain and suffering.

Contact Us: We Know The Challenges Faced In A Personal Injury

A car accident, work accident or medical event can lead to serious and debilitating injuries. You may no longer be able to work as expensive medical bills pile up. This is why it’s important to contact an experienced personal injury law firm. That’s us at Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C. Established in 1952, we know the ups and downs you and your family face. We are understanding, aggressive and experienced litigators. Contact our lawyers at 724-228-7000. We have offices in Charleroi and Washington.

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