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Local Experience for over 70 years

Free consultation for medical malpractice and personal injury

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Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Slip-And-Fall Injury

A slip-and-fall injury happens when you least expect it. It can occur anywhere: a slick floor, uneven sidewalk or debris-covered floor can lead to a serious injury. These injuries can have lingering effects on you physically, emotionally and financially.

If you are injured in a slip-and-fall incident, you may be bedridden for an indefinite period, unable to work, or even unable to walk. Our team at Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., in southwestern Pennsylvania can provide the help you need. We’ve been part of the area for nearly seven decades. We are reliable, knowledgeable and effective. We understand personal injury law.

We Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

Slip-and-fall injuries often occur due to the negligence of your employer for not providing proper training; a retailer that has improperly cared for floor surfaces; or even the manufacturer of the floor tiles. Our determined lawyers will investigate each incident to determine the level of negligence caused by other parties. We will fight for the best possible settlement. If the other party isn’t willing to settle, we are not afraid to go to trial. You won’t have to pay for any legal fees unless we obtain money through a settlement or trial.

Anyone can get hurt in a slip-and-fall incident: construction and retail workers, teenagers, senior citizens or children are all especially vulnerable. If you’ve suffered a fall, we can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Get Help Overcoming Your Injuries Today

A slip-and-fall accident can be life-altering. Don’t let those responsible avoid accountability for your injuries. Get the help you need now.

Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., has had a longstanding presence in our community. We know the people and how hardworking you are. We will fight for you. Contact our attorneys at 724-228-7000. We have offices in Charleroi and Washington.

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