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When drivers ignore the right of way

Motor vehicle collisions may happen for any number of reasons, but driver behavior plays a key role in a lot of accidents. Irresponsible driving takes many forms and occurs in far more ways than driving under the influence and going over the speed limit. For example, ignoring traffic safety laws and even failing to use common sense can result in a deadly traffic crash. Many accidents have happened because a careless driver failed to pay attention to which vehicle had the right of way.

If you are hit by a car while driving through an intersection even though you had the right of way, you should stand up for your rights and it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. Sadly, these accidents have not only led to the loss of many innocent lives, but they have also shattered victims’ lives by leaving them with permanent disabilities and various types of injuries.

Hunting season and the risk of a car crash

In many parts of the country, fall means the arrival of hunting season. While hunters may look forward to this time of the year, it is very important to be aware of some of the different risks associated with hunting season. Aside from firearm mishaps, things may go wrong in other ways. For example, a motor vehicle collision may occur as a result of hunting activity. Moreover, these crashes may involve other drivers who are not aware that anyone is even hunting nearby.

Hunting can lead to a car accident in different ways. A hunter may spook deer, for example, causing them to dart across the road in front of oncoming traffic. Moreover, a hunter may fire their gun near the road, which could startle a driver and cause them to lose control of their vehicle and slam into another car. Hunters may even cause an accident if they are overly excited about a hunt or try to drive home after drinking too much.

Recovering from a drunk driving crash

Any traffic accident can be tough, but some are especially devastating, such as drunk driving accidents which involve an inebriated driver who never should have been on the road. Sadly, these wrecks continue to happen at an alarming rate and the risk of a drunk driving crash is especially high during the holiday season. As the end of the year approaches, be sure to watch out for drunk drivers and make sure that you stand up for your rights in the event that one causes a collision which causes you or one of your family members to suffer.

Drunk drivers can be particularly dangerous because they drive at very high speeds and struggle to respond to threats on the road. Drunk drivers may veer into oncoming traffic at a high rate of speed, or they may collide with a car while going around a sharp turn. People who disregard the safety of others by trying to operate a vehicle while they are under the influence must be held answerable when they cause an accident. Moreover, there is no excuse for driving drunk, even though some reckless drivers try to come up with explanations for their behavior afterward.

How can I protect my family while cooking this holiday season?

Families all over Southwestern Pennsylvania are gearing up for a joyous holiday season. For home chefs, this means whipping up delicious meals for friends and family, including turkey and all the trimmings. If you plan on hosting a holiday gathering in your home this season, ADT recommends the following tips.

Make a fire safety plan

5 tips to keep your child safe at the bus stop

Last week, a second-grader in Pennsylvania was hit by a vehicle while waiting at the bus stop and died. The bus driver found him when the bus arrived at the stop. It was the fifth time in three days that vehicles injured or killed students at a bus stop.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 50 percent of students in the United States take the bus to school. If your child takes the bus to school, it is important to educate them on bus stop safety to keep them safe in light of recent tragedies. The following are five safety tips to keep your child safe at the bus stop:

E-Scooters bring controversy and safety challenges

Pennsylvania is just one of many states to embrace the presence of electric scooters. More than 65 cities across the country, including Pittsburgh and soon Philadelphia, have adopted the use of e-scooter rideshares. The scooters allow commuters and tourists to traverse the city streets without driving a car. However, the scooters have raised controversy regarding accidents and liability.

Public nuisances… and public safety hazards?

Sulfuric acid truck crashes, sending 3 people to the hospital

A scary accident in Pennsylvania involved a truck with a load of sulfuric acid, and it ended with multiple people on the way to the hospital.

The accident happened on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in the westbound lanes. The two vehicles that crashed were between Lebanon-Lancaster and Reading at the time. Reports indicate that the wreck happened right around 6:30 a.m., on Sept. 25, which was a Tuesday.

What makes someone a “bad” driver?

Sometimes sharing the road with other drivers is a matter of life and death. Fatal motor vehicle accidents have led to thousands of funerals each year in the state of Pennsylvania. Drivers of various ages and experience levels share the road with only an obligation to follow the rules of the road. However, many drivers disregard the rules or simply do not know what to do in certain situations.

Have you ever been called a “bad” driver or told someone they were? What’s the real difference between a “good” and “bad” driver? “Good” drivers generally follow the rules, while “bad” drivers break the rules. Here are some examples of how someone might get labeled a “bad” driver:

What are the top considerations in a buy-sell agreement?

Buy-sell agreements are a critical component of any partnership agreement. Designed to weather the kinds of life changes that can disrupt a business, these agreements can provide mutual financial protection.

To get the most benefit out of a buy-sell agreement with your partners, here are the primary things that need to be addressed:

There are 3 good reasons to be wary of short sales

Short sales are sometimes an option when an owner owes more on a property than they can recoup through a sale. They happen most often when there's been a drop in the real estate market.

They seem like a good deal. Then again, looks can be deceiving. This is what you need to consider before you jump at what seems like a fantastic offer through a short sale.

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