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What are the top considerations in a buy-sell agreement?

Buy-sell agreements are a critical component of any partnership agreement. Designed to weather the kinds of life changes that can disrupt a business, these agreements can provide mutual financial protection.

To get the most benefit out of a buy-sell agreement with your partners, here are the primary things that need to be addressed:

There are 3 good reasons to be wary of short sales

Short sales are sometimes an option when an owner owes more on a property than they can recoup through a sale. They happen most often when there's been a drop in the real estate market.

They seem like a good deal. Then again, looks can be deceiving. This is what you need to consider before you jump at what seems like a fantastic offer through a short sale.

Don't make these mistakes with confidentiality agreements

You have to protect your business if you want to stay operational. That means taking steps to preserve your intellectual property and proprietary information through confidentiality agreements.

Confidentiality agreements sometimes get a bad name because of overly aggressive measures taken by a few business owners. In reality, however, they're a perfectly reasonable precaution to take -- and essential to the health of your business.

What can cause birth injuries or birth trauma?

The excitement and joy of having a child can quickly turn tragic if the baby is injured or has some type of trauma at birth. It would even be more devastating if the injury was preventable. Injuries during birth are very serious and could even result in death. At other times, injuries sustained at birth can lead to long time medical care or cause a baby to be permanently disabled. The emotional and financial toll a family can endure from a birth injury can be overwhelming. 

If you own a business, you should get a succession plan in place

If you own a business, knowing how to plan for the future is important. You have to continually set goals, assess your progress and make adjustments as you go -- always with an eye toward your company's long-term prosperity. However, have you started thinking about your company's future after you are gone?

If you haven't got a succession plan in place for your business, you aren't alone. About 58 percent of people who own small businesses don't have one. Most of them are too caught up in their management activities to think about a time where their business may need to run without them.

Common mistakes motorists make at construction sites

Pennsylvania construction workers have multiple safety issues at their sites they have to deal with. While they do their best to keep the equipment and workers under control, they cannot predict when a negligent driver is going to put them in danger.

Construction sites are common areas where motor vehicle accidents occur due to how much they limit the drivers on the road. Additionally, any accident that occurs on a site can make the road nearly undrivable given how that the negligent drivers are taking up room in lanes with heavily limited space. It is important to be aware of the different conditions that often lead Pennsylvania drivers to cause dangerous and inconvenient crashes at construction sites.

Should you settle your injury claim out of court?

Deciding to settle your injury claim is a big decision -- but it's one that most injury victims face sooner or later.

If you're at the start of negotiations over a personal injury, here's what you should expect -- and what to consider before you decide to settle.

Grandparents raising grandkids to get new help

The opioid epidemic that's affected much of the nation is putting a big strain on one unexpected group of people: grandparents.

According to government research, in the state of Pennsylvania alone, there are 82,000 grandparents raising their grandchildren right now. Many of them stepped into the role of substitute parent for their grandchildren because the children's biological parents are victims of the opioid crisis. In many cases, the responsibility for the children involved was pushed on the grandparents virtually without warning. Even worse, many of the grandparents say there are few resources available to help them.

How to spot mortgage refinancing fraud

Con artists prey on the vulnerable and desperate. It's probably no surprise, then, that there's an entire industry of cons directed at people who are at risk of losing their homes.

Getting behind on your mortgage is a terrifying prospect. It's only natural to look for ways out the situation -- and there are some good options out there. Unfortunately, you also have to be wary of a number of scams out there targeting financially-troubled homeowners. These operations will be happy to take your money as long as you are willing to pay -- but they won't actually do anything that will help you. In fact, they will probably make your situation worse.

Make foreclosure your last option by using these ideas first

Are you seriously behind on your mortgage payments? Are you worried that foreclosure is your only option?

Letting your house go into foreclosure is certainly one of your options -- but it really should be your last choice. Instead, you need to consider one of the many foreclosure alternatives available to you. Here are some of your choices:

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