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Local Experience for over 70 years

Free consultation for medical malpractice and personal injury

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Creating An Estate Plan That Fits You

Uncertainty often surfaces when people discuss estate planning. Who wants to learn about wills, trusts and powers of attorney? Some reasons for avoidance include: They don’t understand the subject and are suddenly talking about their mortality. Procrastination prevails because “there’s always tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is today. Everyone needs an estate plan, and our seasoned attorneys at Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., in southwestern Pennsylvania will explain the best solutions for you. We can explain the benefits of a living will, the need for powers of attorney, why a trust may make a good choice and what happens if you die without a will. (The state of Pennsylvania will decide where your property and assets go. Do you really want that to happen?)

Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., will help you through the process of distributing the estate, account for all debts and report to the courts. We make the process simple so your loved ones’ wishes are met.

Helping You Pick The Best Solution

There are many things to consider in deciding how your estate gets handled while you’re living or after you die. Here are some of the topics that we can address when creating an estate plan:

  • Will: This document lets you decide who will inherit your assets once you die.
  • Probate: This is the legal process to verify your will, and it is completed through the court. Court costs come with the probate process.
  • Power of attorney: A directive that names a trusted relative or friend to make business, legal and financial decisions for you if you are mentally or physically unable to do so.
  • Living will: This document states your wishes related to life-saving medical treatment that you may or may not want if you become terminally ill and cannot communicate.
  • A living trust: This document lets you manage your estate and bestow your assets to beneficiaries while you are still alive. With a trust, you avoid probate fees.

If you die without a will, you have died “intestate.” When this occurs, state intestacy laws determine how your property and assets get distributed. By planning with a lawyer at our firm, you can avoid such a scenario. We also can help you understand the inheritance tax.

Call Us Today For Peace Of Mind

Creating an estate plan doesn’t have to be intimidating. We can guide you through the process and assist you in formulating the ideal plan. You gain peace of mind and your beneficiaries will be grateful.

Bassi, Vreeland & Associates, P.C., has served the region for decades in probate and estate administration. We know our residents are hardworking and just how important it is to pass on their estate to heirs. Contact us at 724-228-7000. We have offices in Charleroi and Washington.

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