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What are the hidden injuries of a car accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A major car accident is quite a spectacle. A loud collision, vehicles rolling and bending in odd ways, and the passengers’ injuries all capture our attention immediately. These factors are all things that people should be concerned about, but not the only things.

You may have many questions after your personal injury, but one of them should be whether or not you know all of your injuries. Some injuries can take days or longer to develop, and could still be fatal. Here are three hidden injuries your doctor should look out for:

Traumatic brain injuries

Internal bleeding, concussions, and aneurisms are all hard to spot with the naked eye. Medical professionals may mistake signs like dizziness, confusion, and nausea as a result of the accident, and not indicative of a head wound. If you suspect you have a traumatic brain injury after an accident, insist on getting a second opinion immediately, as some injuries can be fatal in mere hours.

Joint injuries

Despite the seatbelt being a lifesaving feature in a car, it can also be damaging on the shoulder. The collision can also induce other forceful twisting motions across the body that cause considerable bruising or even torn ligaments. These injuries can initially appear as only minor bumps and bruises after an accident.

Psychological injuries

The naked eye cannot see some injuries. Emotional damages after an accident can develop various phobias in victims. Phobias about driving, being in a car, or even going outside can all cause a significant negative impact on a victim’s life and take months or longer to recover from, if they ever do at all.

Stay vigilant for all injuries

At the scene of the accident, a paramedic may not conduct a complete diagnosis of the injuries a victim sustained. Even if you walked away from your accident with a few cuts or bruises, you might be suffering from a hidden injury. Be sure you do not take your health for granted after an accident.


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