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How car crash victims handle insurance claims

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A car accident in Pennsylvania has left you dealing with injuries and all kinds of anxieties. You’re also dealing with the insurance companies, and things may become complicated. The following is an overview of how victims are to handle insurance claims.

Insurance companies compensate the victims

It’s usually the insurance companies that represent the parties involved in a car crash and that pay out for the losses that the innocent victims incur. When their own insurance company denies a claim, victims who believe they are entitled to compensation can file one with the other driver’s insurance company.

Each state differs in its negligence rules, and some states, Pennsylvania included, are no-fault states. This means that regardless of fault, each driver in a crash accepts what his or her own insurance company offers: personal injury protection benefits, as they are called. Nevertheless, most accident victims will find themselves dealing with more than one insurance company.

Reporting the accident to the insurer

Insured motorists are to report all accidents to their insurer, including those accidents caused by another. Insurance companies are supposed to compensate victims for their injuries, but they will thoroughly investigate the matter since they won’t necessarily be willing to pay out the deserved compensation. Insurers may try to get victims to settle for less than they are entitled to.

A lawyer to guide you through it all

Victims of motor vehicle crashes may feel disoriented, but a lawyer often helps them through the process of filing a claim and seeking a reasonable amount in damages. For your part, you may want a lawyer for every step of the process. The lawyer may, for example, hire third parties to gather evidence against the responsible driver. You may leave all settlement negotiations to your lawyer, too, litigating if these fail.


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