When a child is suffering from symptoms that are compromising their health, parents rely heavily on the medical providers in Pennsylvania to thoroughly analyze their child’s condition and provide a proper diagnosis. Once a treatment plan is articulated, they place heavy trust in their doctor and other medical professionals to provide care that is safe and effective. 

For one family in Washington, their situation was less-than-ideal and resulted in their daughter being severely injured in a situation they are now claiming was medical malpractice. The girl was 12 when she initially underwent surgery for a heart transplant. A few years later, her doctors found that a stent needed to be replaced and they scheduled a surgery to operate. However, in an oversight that eventually caused significant injuries, an inadequate number of stents were available and the surgery had to be altered while staff members sought additional stents from another hospital. 

Through a series of unconventional and poorly executed events, the girl eventually suffered a stroke that has left her completely reliant on other people. No longer able to care for herself, the woman’s family claims the stroke was completely preventable and filed a lawsuit claiming malpractice. Recently, a jury awarded the woman’s family with $14 million in favor of their claim. 

If people have been injured because of the negligence of trusted medical providers, an attorney may be able to help them. With their experience and commitment, legal professionals may be able to guide victims through the process of seeking compensation. 

Source: Westport News, “Jury awards $14 million in malpractice suit,” Feb. 22, 2019