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Pennsylvania continues to see a lot of distracted driving

Many things could put you in danger out on the roads. One is if the driver of a vehicle near you decides that using his or her phone for texting or other purposes is more important than paying full attention to driving. It is estimated that Pennsylvania sees thousands of accidents involving distracted driving a year.

How should I start planning my estate?

You and your partner have been together for a few decades, have raised children and have accumulated a healthy chunk of change. So far, you have gone through life without an estate plan, assuming that you wouldn't need one. But now that you are getting on in years, you and your spouse have been talking about making one.

Understanding the mergers and acquisitions process

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a routine part of business growth and development. In an M&A the assets of two companies, or the companies themselves, are consolidated to benefit both parties. Successful M&A combine two entities in an expedited approach in order to maximize organizational value while minimizing disruptions to existing operations.

What is a mineral estate and how does it impact my property?

As a property owner it’s likely you associate the value of your land with what is on the surface, such as home or cropland. Have you considered what is below the surface? When your property sits atop an abundant deposit of minerals, gas or oil, you can sell or temporarily lease the below ground your property.

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