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Five mistakes that first-time homebuyers make

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Real Estate Transactions |

Buying your first home is an exciting prospect, but not one without risks. When you are looking into purchasing a home, it is worth noting what mistakes you should try to steer clear of during the transaction. Here are five mistakes to avoid when buying your first home:

Spending too much

When buying a home, proper budgeting is necessary. While you may know what your mortgage payment will look like every month, be sure to consider other essential costs as well, including insurance, taxes, water, utilities, electricity, internet and more. If you plan on furnishing your new home, make sure you also have the funds necessary for that.

Letting emotions get in the way

Buying a childhood home or a house that has a bathtub you really like may seem like a good idea, but it may come with more costs than you are willing to pay. Emotional ties to a house may get you into a bidding war over the property and spend tens of thousands more than you can afford, or cause you to buy a home that is in a less-than-ideal location for you.

Holding out for a “unicorn”

Some people get fixated on the idea of buying their dream home, which can become a problem. When homes do not perfectly match this dream home and all the expectations that come with that, buyers may miss out on a home that is right for them. It may also cause a buyer to pay too much for a home that fits their lofty expectations.

Not applying for a mortgage first

If you prematurely picked out your perfect home, it can seem like a nightmare to learn that you cannot secure a mortgage to purchase that home. Make sure you get preapproval for a mortgage before house-hunting so you can find a house within your budget and continue on with the transaction, rather than waiting to see whether you can make the purchase.

Going through the process alone

Most people choose to work with a realtor from the start of their house-hunting experience. But few realize there are other professionals that can also help with various aspects of the home-buying process. Taking your time to shop around for the right lender and consulting with an attorney especially during the closing process can be helpful in ensuring your best interests are prioritized throughout the entirety of the process.


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