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When drivers ignore the right of way

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle collisions may happen for any number of reasons, but driver behavior plays a key role in a lot of accidents. Irresponsible driving takes many forms and occurs in far more ways than driving under the influence and going over the speed limit. For example, ignoring traffic safety laws and even failing to use common sense can result in a deadly traffic crash. Many accidents have happened because a careless driver failed to pay attention to which vehicle had the right of way.

If you are hit by a car while driving through an intersection even though you had the right of way, you should stand up for your rights and it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. Sadly, these accidents have not only led to the loss of many innocent lives, but they have also shattered victims’ lives by leaving them with permanent disabilities and various types of injuries.

Some drivers may be inexperienced and unfamiliar with which vehicle should be given the right of way, while others may be driving in an aggressive manner or simply not care. There is no excuse for causing an accident by failing to follow traffic laws, however, especially when it could have been prevented by simply obeying the rules. If you are going through any of these hardships, you may not know where to turn and you could be worried about your future. Fortunately, many victims have been able to recover from a crash by taking their case to the courtroom.


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