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Common mistakes motorists make at construction sites

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pennsylvania construction workers have multiple safety issues at their sites they have to deal with. While they do their best to keep the equipment and workers under control, they cannot predict when a negligent driver is going to put them in danger.

Construction sites are common areas where motor vehicle accidents occur due to how much they limit the drivers on the road. Additionally, any accident that occurs on a site can make the road nearly undrivable given how that the negligent drivers are taking up room in lanes with heavily limited space. It is important to be aware of the different conditions that often lead Pennsylvania drivers to cause dangerous and inconvenient crashes at construction sites.

Going too fast

Earlier this year, Route 283 experienced multiple crashes on the construction site it developed. Within 11 days, there were 15 crashes and one fatality. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said that all accidents were the result of a driver speeding.

While it is understandable for drivers to get impatient within the traffic of construction zones, they still must keep a level head and proceed at the recommended speed. If they do not, they are unprepared for any sharp turns, merges, potholes, workers or other cars in front of them. The higher speed will also increase the likelihood of major damage for any pedestrians or vehicles.

Not giving enough room

As mentioned before, construction lanes have very limited spacing that many motorists tend to underestimate. Many fail to pay attention to the lane division in front of them or barriers that are on the sides. Some of them may be harder to come across, but even being the slightest foot off could scrape the car or bump into someone else on the road.

Pennsylvania motorists should pay attention to any signs warning of the upcoming site or follow the car in front of them to figure out the right area in the lane they need to be in to avoid being too close to potential hazards. Construction sites often have warnings and signs to help them determine where they must go, so there is little to no excuse for being in the wrong area of the lane should a crash occur.

Driving while intoxicated

Any moral judgement towards speed and distance can get tossed aside when the motorist is drunk. This can be seen in an incident that occurred a few days ago. An unfortunate worker in Harborcreek became the victim of a drunken hit-and-run while helping install cable guide rails. Drunk drivers can lack the concentration and patience to drive in construction lanes properly.

Pennsylvania workers and motorists can find themselves at serious risk when a negligent motorist behaves carelessly at a construction site. With how close the workers and motorists are to each other, one bad decision can lead to several injuries that could receive compensation if pursued in court.


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