Business owners of today have access to a wealth of resources that help promote brands, define identities and advertise goods or services. Most of the materials used in such endeavors fall in the realm of intellectual property. Protecting this property is crucial in furthering the success of businesses in Pennsylvania.

Copyrighting your business materials is one of the most important steps in protecting intellectual property such as written works or software. Acquiring copyright protection prevents others from using your materials. However, some people ignore copyright protections and use other people’s material illegally.

While business litigation under the guidance of a legal professional can remedy the illegal use of your business materials, it is essential to handle copyright disputes correctly. Below are a few tips business owners can use to address copyright infringement.

  • Make sure you registered all of your copyrights with the US Copyright Office as early as possible. This way, you will be prepared to correct the situation as soon as infringement occurs.
  • Never contact the other party out of anger. Instead, make sure any communications between you and the other party are respectful, polite and professional.
  • Be sure to document and keep records of materials related to the dispute as well as your communications with the other party. This will aid your case if business litigation occurs.
  • Because intellectual property issues are often complex, it is important to make certain that the other party is actually infringing on your copyright. An attorney can fill a crucial role in helping you evaluate your situation.
  • Finally, never ignore the wrongful use of your property. To protect the interests of your business, it is critical to take action right away.

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