A woman from Charleroi went to Washington Hospital for surgery, and she claims that a nurse at the medical center proceeded to take and share nude pictures of her during the procedure.

The woman also worked at the hospital, as a secretary. She claims that, upon returning to her job, one of her co-workers showed her the explicit pictures. She was outraged, but she claims her co-worker thought it was funny.

The woman has now started a lawsuit that targets that co-worker, the doctor who carried out the surgery and the hospital itself. In it, she files complaints of medical malpractice and invasion of privacy, among other issues.

The medical center, though, disputes the claims. They say that the woman actually started the whole thing by trying to play a joke on her co-workers. They say she bought fake intestines and asked doctors to put them on her stomach as a practical joke. It was those intestines that were being photographed by the co-workers.

The doctor’s legal team says he knew nothing of the joke, never condoning it or the pictures.

It is worth noting that the nurse who snapped the picture and then shared it with the woman was apparently fired by the hospital.

The woman says she wanted to transfer to a new unit after the incident, but the Human Resources department wouldn’t help her. She claims they didn’t want her to say anything and hoped she’d “keep her mouth shut.”

Patients have a right to a high level of care in a medical center and, when that level of care isn’t met for any reason, it’s important for them to know what legal options they have.

Source: TribLive.com, “Woman says nurse took, shared nude photos of her during surgery at Washington Hospital,” Ben Schmitt, Dec. 28, 2017