The largest purchase you will likely ever make in your lifetime will be a house. This is an exciting transaction to make but also very stressful. There are legal ramifications of purchasing a house due to the law of real property. You should always have a real estate attorney with you when buying or selling a home and we will explain the reasons why in today’s post.

One of the most important reasons to work with an experienced real estate attorney when buying or selling a home is to avoid unclear terms. A real estate attorney will be able to review the contract word-for-word and explain anything that doesn’t make sense. You also want to be sure that you are not signing standard forms used by realtors, some of which will not cover all the legal aspects of the sale.

A real estate attorney can aid you in reviewing and making changes to the purchase agreement, which is the most important document in the real estate transaction. An attorney will be able to address a handful of issues in the purchase agreement, including hazardous waste, failed inspections, unlawful additions to the property and proposed changes to the property.

The closing on the transaction is the most important part. A host of different documents needs to be prepared for signing at this event. It’s best to have a real estate attorney present to answer any of your questions and review the documents prior to signing them.

Are you preparing to buy or sell a home in Charleroi? An experienced real estate attorney can ensure the transaction is handled properly.

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