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Plan your estate carefully

Residents of Charleroi, Pennsylvania, want their estate plans to be done well in order to ensure that their heirs are in good shape. That requires an understanding of the best approach to estate administration probate. It also requires not cutting corners at the expense of a good plan. In view of that, here are some pitfalls to avoid.

First, don't skip an expert review. Experts are called experts for a very good reason, which is that they know what they're doing. It is fine to put together your own drafts of documents like wills based on templates that you find online. However, you should still get the documents reviewed by a qualified professional to make sure that they are as they need to be. If you don't, your heirs will pay the price for any errors.

How do victims of nursing home injuries asses their damages?

Everybody deserves a life that's free of unnecessary pain or trauma. Just because the victim of negligence or abuse is elderly and in nursing care doesn't mean that person isn't just as entitled to compensation as someone younger and healthier.

When approaching a personal injury claim involving a nursing home, it is important to build a case around the injuries, or damages, a patient has suffered as a result of any abuse or negligence. That means gathering documentation like medical reports, nursing notes, therapy records, photos and anything else that tends to illustrate the problems.

Mortgages should be handled with care during divorces

When couples in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, consciously uncouple and proceed in an orderly manner to divorce court, they tend to want to know how family law will affect the division of their assets. The biggest asset tends to be the family home, which in turn often carries a mortgage. If one of them keeps the house, they may wind up keeping the hefty mortgage payments as well, making being the sole homeowner seem a lot less attractive than it would if the mortgage was already paid off.

For that reason, divorcing couples with mortgages often just sell the home that the mortgage is on. That way, the net proceeds of the sale can be divided between the couple, rather than dealing with issues like its current value, projected future value and cost of mortgage payments. Although that is a very practical approach, some individuals insist on keeping the house due to sentimental reasons, like it being where Little Betty and Little Bobby took their first steps, or for less admirable reasons, like the fact that keeping the house can feel like winning to the individual who gets it.

Disputes with Chinese companies should be resolved with care

Companies in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, do business with other companies in the state, but also with out-of-state companies and countries based in other countries, like China. Those business deals can be very lucrative, bringing a lot of money into the state, but they can also be complex, and if they go awry, can lead to business litigation.

Most of the disputes that arise when Pennsylvania companies do business with Chinese companies are with the Chinese individuals or corporations involved, not the Chinese government. When representatives of Pennsylvania go to China to resolve disputes with Chinese individuals or corporations, however, they may want to ask the Chinese government to encourage adherence to the terms of the business contract that has been signed.

Understanding the mergers and acquisitions process

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a routine part of business growth and development. In an M&A the assets of two companies, or the companies themselves, are consolidated to benefit both parties. Successful M&A combine two entities in an expedited approach in order to maximize organizational value while minimizing disruptions to existing operations.

A merger occurs when two separate entities, generally of similar size and scope, join forces as relative equals to create a single organization. In an acquisition one entity, generally the larger of the two, purchases another entity.

Surgeon removes prostate, biopsy reveals no cancer

Doctors and surgeons make errors all the time. For that matter, so do lab technicians and medical testing laboratories. In one recent case, a mixup at the lab resulted in a patient being told that he had aggressive prostate cancer when, in fact, he had a perfectly healthy prostate gland.

In response to the mixed up lab results, the patient gave his physician the go-ahead to perform a prostatectomy. However, upon removal of the prostate and new lab result, the error was revealed. As it turned out, the lab made a mistake when testing the man's initial biopsy samples. The entire procedure, the difficult healing that followed it and the risks and costs of the surgery were entirely unnecessary. Even worse, the medical error victim had no way of being made whole again.

Your home may have a lien on it

The bustling, prosperous and popular community of Charleroi, Pennsylvania is the site of many fine residences. That means that there are many real estate transactions each year as those residences change hands.

Some people buy real estate as investments, while others, more domestically-minded, buy them as long-term family homes where they plan to live in wedded bliss and raise any children from the family. However, some homeowners may come to realize that their domicile has something that they do not want.

Divorce affects estate planning

When Charleroi, Pennsylvania, residents write their will and detail how they want their estate handled, they may well be eager to include their dearly beloved husband or wife as a beneficiary or even as an executor. However, if the marriage ends, with antipathy superseding the previous state of marital bliss, having an ex-husband or an ex-wife as a beneficiary or executor of the estate is a profoundly unattractive state of affairs. For that reason, when reviewing estate administration and probate issues, it is important to decide how things should change after a divorce.

Failing to do so can result in the person you like least in the world, the one who is divorcing you or getting divorced by you, getting most of your stuff. After all, the law considers you and your partner to be married, with all corresponding rights and obligations, until the divorce decree is final. You will want to carefully review every reference to your partner in your will and meticulously excise him or her from it in every respect, unless for some reason you actually want him or her to get something in addition to what he or she will be taking from you in the divorce. Additionally, you should get a comprehensive legal review of any trusts that you already have established, including irrevocable life insurance trusts, since those are handled differently than the rest of the estate is.

Couple got discriminatory pamphlets instead of wedding programs

A couple in Pennsylvania ordered wedding programs, which arrived the day before their ceremony. Instead of the programs, which they'd paid nearly $80 for, they got a box full of pamphlets.

The couple is suing, and their lawsuit says that the pamphlets were filled with "hateful, discriminatory and anti-gay messages equating their relationship to Satan's temptation."

Patient sues over nude photos snapped on the operating table

It was just another day at the office for a Pennsylvanian operating room secretary when she joined in on a practical joke her co-workers were playing on the attending doctor. Sheila Harosky decided her surgery be an opportune time to pull the prank.

Upon returning to work after recovery, a colleague approached Harosky brandishing a cell phone with an image pulled up on it. What she saw appeared to be a naked woman with what is meant to look like intestines pouring out of her body. In horror, Harosky  realized she was looking at herself.

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