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Divorces with child custody matters are emotional affairs

Child custody cases are emotional matters that aren't always as easy to work through as you'd think. Trying to work through all of the issues can be challenging and intimidating. You have to remember that your child is the center of the child custody. This means that you might have to look past yourself to do what is right for your children, but it will be worth it in the long run.

When you are in this situation, it is easy to let your emotions lead the way. Oftentimes, this is going to work against you because you need to be able to think clearly about the options that you have. We are here to help you think about how you might be able to handle the situations that you are facing.

Pennsylvania efforts to fund budget with malpractice fund denied

The efforts by the state of Pennsylvania to fund the state budget with $200 million from a fund that covers medical malpractice were stalled by a federal judge. The budget issue arose due to legislative malpractice in the first place. The judge, from a United States District Court in Harrisburg, denied the attempt by the state after a request was filed by a government entity.

The request filed to stop the funding process was done by the Pennsylvania Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association. The filing was done to stop the state from taking $200 million in reserve funds to help fund the budget. The association that filed the motion to stop the funding was created in the 1970s by state law. It is also a non-profit association.

Explaining breach of contract

The business world runs on contracts. Businesses would not survive, let alone succeed, if they operated without contracts. A contract is a written agreement between two or more parties. These parties can be individuals. entities, corporations, businesses and much more. Not all contracts will end at their agreed-upon termination date. That's due to breach of contract, which we will explain in today's post.

A breach occurs when one party involved in a contract does not legally fulfill the obligations that were outlined for them in the contract. There are three common ways a contract can be breached. They include failing to perform the duties at all, failing to perform the duties in the requested timeframe and failing to perform all of the duties assigned.

Explaining estate administration and executor duties

The administration of an estate is an important issue that everyone should learn about, especially if you are aged 50 and older. Even though you won't be around for the administration of your own estate, it's quite possible that you could have to deal with the estate of a parent, grandparent, spouse, adult child or anyone else close to you in life.

To administer an estate, there are a handful of things that need to be completed. The items that must be taken care of include the distribution of assets, payment of debts and gathering the estate's assets. The items that make up a person's estate are anything he or she owned or accumulated during his or her lifetime.

What should I do if I've been injured in a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the most traumatic incidents in a person's life. Even if the accident is minor it can still cause you to suffer various injuries. No matter how long you've been a licensed driver, you still need to know the ins and outs of what you should do following a car accident in Pennsylvania.

Be sure to remain at the scene of the crash even if it wasn't your fault. You also don't want to leave the scene if you are injured. Firefighters and EMTs will be responding to your location and they will be able to evaluate your injury before transport to the hospital for further tests.

Common alternatives to foreclosure in Pennsylvania

If you feel you are destined for foreclosure in Pennsylvania, you shouldn't worry. There are alternatives to this procedure that can help you keep your home. It's best that you navigate these waters with the help of an experienced real estate transactions attorney so you understand the options, your rights and the process involved.

One of the first things you should look into is modifying your mortgage. This helps you reduce the monthly payments by extending the length of the loan. People qualify for this option if they have exited a recent financial situation and are still able to afford the monthly payments.

5 must-haves in your estate plan

If you are sitting down to plan your estate, you are doing something that so many people wait to do until it is too late. Getting this important item out of the way at a young age is very important. You will know that you are protected, your future spouse is protected and your future children are protected. The best part of an estate plan is that it can easily be modified as you experience life changes.

The beneficiary designations on your financial accounts is very important when putting together an estate plan. Every insurance policy and retirement account you have should list a beneficiary and a contingent beneficiary because these items pass outside of a will for the most part.

Prepare for your future with an estate plan

You may not realize it, but estate planning is one of the most important things that any one person can do to prepare for the future. Dealing with your estate might seem like a distant goal, something far down the road that you will deal with eventually. It’s important not to put off making a comprehensive estate plan—if not for your sake, then for your family’s.

Dealing with the complications of an estate can seem overwhelming. But with the assistance of an attorney, you can accomplish it. In this post, we’ll go over some of the basics of estate planning.

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